The Blume-Leiss ALTIMeters enable height, slope and distance to be measured. They are optimized for applications in forestry, but can be used in any other area that requires such measuring tasks.

Instrument types

We currently offer five types of Blume-Leiss ALTIMeters  ( -> see list of instrument types). The devices vary in terms of displays, indicator pointers, scales, and overall adjustability. All devices have four measuring ranges; they are equipped with an angular scale and come with a convenient conversion table. The instrument core, including all its mechanical parts, is housed in a tough but convenient plastic casing. When switched to the neutral position, the pointer is locked.

For more specific questions, modification requests, or spare parts, simply give us a call.

Measuring technique

In order to determine the distance, a stadia rod is placed directly in front of or attached to the object, which is then targeted with the range finder. When the rod is at a distance of 15m, 20m, 30m or 40m, the corresponding mark overlaps with the zero mark. In case of strong sun exposure, an integrated filter can be used to facilitate the measuring process.

Typical applications

  • Surveying
  • Forestry
  • Architecture
  • Antenna installation
  • Power line construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining